The Devon County Show






The 2016 Devon County Show took place from May 19th to May 21st, and it was an event that showcased the county’s finest livestock, craft, baking, and farm culture. The sprawling fair took place at Westpoint, a fairground about 20 minutes by car away from Exeter, with busses running to and from the fairgrounds twice every hour. The County Show featured numerous trade stalls in a farmer’s market configuration, selling anything from dog beds to tractors, food, secondary schools, and in one bizarre incident, funeral arrangements. Tucked within this market are tents full of all of the animals competing in the show. The fair featured a whole host of farm animals, including pigs, chickens, cattle, sheep, and goats. Other animals on display included alpacas, pigeons, rabbits, and bees. Spectators can wander freely into these tents, as admission is covered in the entry price. The County Show truly had just about anything you could ever want. In addition to the animal competitions, the fair also held contests in floral arrangements, baked goods, and in farm animal selfies. These were scattered around the fair in yet more individual tents, so scoping out the full breadth of the competitions takes a fair bit of digging and a lot of time. The maps provided at various places in the grounds can only help you so much in the crowds and winding avenues of the County Show. The people visiting the show were mainly English families, but as an American, I did not feel unwelcome. If you’re ever in Devon while the County Show is on, I highly recommend you spend a day there. The food stands sell some of the best food that Devon has to offer, from fresh strawberries and clotted cream to gourmet meals from organic farms. The atmosphere is light and jovial, and there is always something new to see and do around every corner.

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 Photos and text © Molly Wyrsch 2016 


Westpoint, Clyst St. Mary