Myths and Folklore: About Us

Emily Daluga is an English major with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. Originally from Libertyville, IL, Emily has wanted to be a writer since she was little and can now most often be found typing on her laptop or scribbling ideas onto sticky notes. When she’s not writing, Emily enjoys making YouTube videos, getting overly invested in YA literature, and hanging out with friends.

Alana Gale is studying Modern Languages as well as English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. Born in Crystal Falls, MI, Alana has loved words and language for most of her life, a love which she puts to use by frequently reading, writing, and studying other languages. She currently speaks Spanish and German but is always hoping to learn more about other cultures. Upon graduation, she wants to pursue a career in publishing or in translation.


Alex Kirshy is a Drama and English Double Major from Kenyon College. Since he was a child, growing up in Massachusetts, he always wanted to be an actor and writer. He can be most commonly found in any theater space, performing if possible. His other interests include biology, television, movies, books (of course), and games of any kind. He is looking forward to spending at least the next ten years auditioning for table scraps.