Art and Architecture

Estates of Devon

Devon is full of historic buildings and estates to explore, many of which are owned and operated by the National Trust and English Heritage. We chose to focus our fieldwork on three estates: Buckland Abbey, a former Cisternan monastery-turned-manor, Killerton House, home of the Acland family, and Powderham Castle, a sprawling 14th century castle and estate still owned by the Courtenay family. Spanning many eras and architectural periods, these three estates provide a glimpse into the lives of Devon's landowners and religious leaders.  

Art and Architecture of Exeter

Exeter, one of the largest cities in England's southwest, is a treasure trove of artwork and architectural marvels, from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum to the historic Exeter Cathedral. Exeter itself is a work of art, with historic buildings around every corner and the University’s storied history as a former estate. We explored Exeter’s art and architecture top-to-bottom, from the public art along Queen Street to the historic buildings of the Quay. The perfect mix of old and new, Exeter is a hidden gem for any art lover or architecture enthusiast!